British Ultra Fest Newsletter 2

British Ultra Fest Newsletter 2

With less than 3 weeks to go before the British Ultra Fest kicks off with the 6 day race, this short second newsletter brings everyone up to date as far as how the race has been evolving from an organiser’s point of view.

At the time of writing we have 64 runners signed up and there will probably be a few more before the race starts. This is just short of our target field of 70 runners but with which we are, nevertheless, very happy with as it means we will come very close to covering the cost of holding the events – something that was a huge concern 9 months ago when we set the budget and the entry fees – not knowing if anyone would come.

Race phone number

The race mobile phone number is 07923833719.

Profile forms

There are still a few competitors who have not yet completed their personal profile form or submitted a photograph. It is essential that we have the profile completed to enable us to ascertain who will be needing tents or dormitory beds, who will be bringing a helper so we can organise the catering quantities and t-shirt sizes.
We are producing a race programme to include everyone  officially entered but cannot do this without your details. Can you please ensure this is done before the 26th of July latest. Thank you.
Please visit the profiles page and fill in the form with the additional details. That will also help us to add some details about you to the race programme.

The Field

Every runner coming to is unique and special in their own way and not wanting to elevate any runners in particular nevertheless I would like to say that we are delighted that this years French Utra Fest winner Didier Sessegolo is coming to run at Radley.
There have been a few late entries in the 6 day race including US ultrarunner Liz Bauer who set a new record for the most 100 mile races in a year.
Unfortunately we have lost Richard Quennnell due to injury and we wish him a speedy recovery
At the time of writing we have 64 runners coming with applications still arriving which is bringing us closer and closer to our target of 70 runners. To be sold out will be an amazing achievement and we are very grateful for the support for this new event. We hope it will be a most memorable experience for everyone and for the right reasons.


We would like to thank those who have donated products, financial support and the volunteers who have kindly donated their time and energy to this inspiring opportunity including the Road Runners Club who have been extremely generous, Allsports who have donated Enduro-Load sports drink, Bicester Massage who will be helping out with massage for the runners and Ultramarathonrunning Store who have kindly donated some prizes to the six winners.

Arrival at Radley College

For competitors planning on arriving at Radley College on Saturday 10th of August (or Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th) the gate at the entrance to the College which has been allocated to our event will be closed at 22.00 hours for security purposes. If you think you may be later than that then please telephone us and we will ensure the gate is opened for you. The gate will be open from 7.00 am on Sunday morning. The car and motor home parking area will be clearly marked as will the area for tents. You may set up a table by your tent if you wish on the outside of the track.

Race registration

Registration will commence from 9.00 am on Sunday morning and there will be a briefing for competitors and helpers at 11.00 am (1 hour before the start) outside the registration office.

Medical Questionnaire

You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire for registration. Please download the newsletter pdf which contains the attached form, print it off and bring it with you when you come to Radley.


The British Ultra Fest license number is: 108/13


Meals will be available for competitors helpers  in the 6 day race at a cost of £10 a day for 3 meals.
The cost for helpers of the 48 hour and 24 hour races will be £5 per meal. A kitchen will be supplied for helpers or runners to prepare any of their own food with a microwave, hob, toaster  and kettle. There will be a fridge and freezer there also.
A meal voucher system will be in operation to ensure that all meals are paid for.
Mealtimes will be:
Breakfast (approx. 6 am),
Lunch (approx. 1pm)
Evening (approx 7pm)

Track lighting

We are providing lighting so the track will be lit at night but we suggest you bring a torch or head torch as it may be dark in the tents and in case anything untoward happens!

Changing direction

We have decided that we will change direction every 6 hours instead of every 8 hours.


Sleeping mats can be provided if required but bring sleeping bags. For safety reasons you will not be allowed to use gas cookers in the camping area.
All tents must be pitched at least 2 metres apart.
Please ensure that the portable toilets are used at all times. Runners found urinating on or near the track will be disqualified.


People requiring a place in a dormitory will be allocated a chair and a sleeping mat but you will need to bring a pillow and sleeping bag.


All the Scottish participants have requested that their nationality indicate Scotland as opposed to GBR on the website and in the race program. As we are allowing this then also the other British competitors should have their home country beside their name. Most of the remaining runners are English with the exception of Jeremy Mower who runs for Wales.
Of course the question of nationality should have been on the entry form or on the profiles page – we know for next year. So have a look at the Entrants list on the website and if you do not have the correct country next to your name, please send us an email with your preference.


We have been blown away by the friendship and generosity of fellow ultrafest organisers, the Emu 6 Day & 48 Hour Race at Balatonfüred, Hungary who are offering the outright winner of the British Ultra Fest 6 day race, a free entry into the Emu 6 Day race in 2014. More details of this will be announced at the pre race briefing and/or at the award ceremony.

This tremendous gesture is being supplemented by another generous £100 donation to travel costs by Dion_Networks.

We are also very grateful to Keith Godden at Ultramarathon Running for offering prizes for outright male and female winners in the three races and these people will also get other unique prizes from the British Ultra Fest.


Also we are very grateful to have helpers coming from Abingdon Amblers and the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team and a number of individuals who have kindly offered their time and energy.


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