A Day in the Life – Everything Endurance at the British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championships

everything_endurance_podcastWill Roberts came to the Freedom Leisure British Ultrafest to find out what it was all about and was pleasantly surprised and impressed. You can hear Will talking to runners, crew and organisers in the “A Day in the Life – Everything Endurance at the British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championships” Podcast on the Beyond The Ultimate website.

“On the 400m track at the K2 Leisure Centre, the Freedom Leisure British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championships took place. A field of 30 runners competed in an event where they would each push to run the greatest distance they were able in a 24hr period. More still came to run 12 and 6 hour versions of the same event.

That’s 6, 12 or 24 consecutive hours running around the same track. As endurance events go this is uniquely challenging. It is a cutting back of endurance to a matter purely of running ability and the strength of mind to persevere with almost no distraction from noon one day until noon the next.

In a special ‘outside broadcast’ edition of the podcast, Will talks to the runners and organisers to find out why these athletes take on such massive distances.

Featuring Pam Storey the ultra running veteran who creates this awesome event and, among others, Dan Lawson of Team GB, William Sichel, a multi-record holder and the first Brit to finish the world’s longest foot race within 52 days, and Abichal Sherrington who has completed that same race 6 times among dozens of others from marathon to 1000 miles.”

The podcast widget is in the sidebar or you can visit the Beyond The Ultimate website and check out the cool races and challenges they organise.

Live Updates 2017

whats my time

Official race timers, Whats My Time, have a dedicated page for live updates of the race which will be found at:

Whats My Time

The Freedom Leisure British Ultrafest gets underway at 12 noon with the 24 hour race.

Camping Area Photos

For those people wishing to bring their own tents, these images will help give some idea of where they can be erected and how much space there is.

Any other queries not found here, check the F.A.Q. page or shoot us an email via the contact page.

crawley k2 freedom leisure track

This (above) is the far side of the track opposite the grandstand.

This area is past the grandstand on the first bend.

There’s no camping on the infield as it obscures the view of the track and can cause obstruction to runners.crawley view

Overall view of the K2 Freedom Leisure Track at Crawley.

Entries as at 27 th January 2017

We now have 13 entries in the 6 hour race.

There are 16 in total for the 12 hours but a few more ladies would be good.

Entries for the 24 hours stand at 29 but there are still places available as there have been a few withdrawals.

The closing date is the first of February.


New Edition of The British Ultrafest 2017

Recent posts on the site are missing due to site issues beyond our control, and the site will shortly be moving to a new host so please bear with us if the site continues to appear down over the next day or so. The site will be ready by the New Year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support of the British Ultrafest and  and to wish everyone  a happy holiday and a Happy New Year.

News has continued to have been posted on Facebook and the entries have been coming in with 21 runners so far signed up for the 24 hour, 8 in the 12 hour and 7 in the 6 hour.

Entry is still available through EntryCentral.com



British Ultra Fest 2013 – 72 Hour Update

Bill Heldenbrand photo by Wendy E.

At 74 hours Didier Sessegolo and William Sichel are a mile apart in the British Ultra Fest 6 Day Race at Radley, Abingdon. With dry conditions prevailing, runners are making the most of the opportunity and several records have been set. American Bill Heldenbrand set a new mark for 48 hours on track age(M65) (new: 260.8 km, old: 256.351 km) and Christian Ritella currently 3rd place overall,set a new Swedish intermediate split for 72 hours.

After leading early on , Kenji Okiyama has settled into 5th place. Israeli runner Kobi Oren has been running well, and currently lies just behind women’s leader Christine David in 6th place overall. Christine had stomach problems after only a few hours on day one and after backing off and taking it easy has recovered and driven herself up the leaderboard and looks very confortable at the moment.

Richard Brown is in 7th place closely pursued by US 100 mile specialist Liz Bauer.


HunRun.com race results on the race website

British Ultra Fest 2013 – 35 Hour Updates

british ultra fest runners, kenji okiyama & demetrious KehayioglouThe sun has set and the stars have emerged here at Radley beneath clear skies. The wind has died down a lot after a breezy early evening that kept temperatures down.
After an unstable internet connection for the early part of the race, it seems to be maintaining a welcome steadiness now and we are very grateful for Hunrun for working hard to provide good service for the many visitors to the site. Tomorrow we will look at a messaging system.

The leaderboard shows some runners in blue. These are runners who haven’t passed the timing mat for 20 minutes or more.

Kenji Okiyama and Didier Sessegolo are taking breaks while William is still out there reducing their advantage. The level of lighting at the track is quite low and runners pass quietly and quickly past the aid station as they settle into their rhythms deep into the night. Finishing their shifts around 10 om, Veggies, the race vegetarian caterers have said that their may be a meteor shower tonight so the crew is watching the starry starry.

The race is short of massage therapists until tomorrow evening but so far so good with a wealth of experience on the track and amongst the crews and helpers.

Brave Kate Condon unfortunately had to pull out with ankle problems.
We’re grateful to Lucozade for supplying us with 2,500 bottles of Sports Elite drink who will keep the athletes fuelled along with a contribution from Allsorts who provided the runners with Enduro-load.

Quite a few people came by today to wish the runners well and we also had quite a few volunteers, or so it seemed. James Zarei has been at the track yesterday and today and a few local runners and interested parties.
The ladies race is also a closely knit affair with Christine David still edging Liz Bauer and Scotland’s Lorna Maclean in third spot.

The full live results are avaiable on the British Ultra Fest website at: