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The British Ultra Fest is supported by the 100 km Association and will be held under UKA rules. IAU Bronze Label applied for. UKA Ultra Distance Race Licence no. 108/13



British Ultra Fest Information

  • Start: 6 days 11th August at 12:00 noon
  • Start: 48 hours 15th August 10:00am
  • Start: 24 hours 16th August 11:00am
  • The race will be held on the 400m all weather track at Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2HR
  • The event will be electronically lap recorded and timed.
  • Accommodation is in shared “dormitories” or tents (sleeping mats provided).
  • Three meals a day provided for competitors.
  • Meals for helpers/crews will be available at extra cost.
  • Parking for motor homes/vehicles available close to the track.

Entry Fees:

  • 6 days – £400
  • 48 Hours – £150
  • 24 Hours – £75

Refunds Policy

For those who have paid the full entry fee, but for whatever reason, have to withdraw from taking part the following refund will be offered:

Date of notification being received:

6 Day
Up to11th January 2013  -  95%
Up to 11th March 2013 – 50%
Up to 11th May 2013  – 25%

48 Hour
Up to 15th January 2013  -  95%
Up to 15th March 2013 – 50%
Up to 15th May 2013  – 25%

24 Hour
Up to 16th January 2013  -  95%
Up to 16th March 2013 – 50%
Up to 16th May 2013  – 25%



A Track Ultra Marathon Event: is a race taking place on a circuit specifically built for athletic competition.
A Handler: is an individual who provides personal support of any kind to individual competitors. The term includes, coach, masseur, as well as friends and families looking after food, drinks, clothing and permitted assistance.
IAAF: the Association of Athletic Federations.
IAU: the International Association of Ultrarunners.
UKA: United Kingdom Athletics.



Races will be held in fair (bona fide) competition, and it is forbidden for any competitor to receive an unfair advantage.
Women and Men will compete together.

Pacing and Unfair Assistance:

It is forbidden for any competitor to pace another.
The Race Referee will have the discretion to judge whether or not a competitor has received unfair assistance.
Where the race referee decides that unfair assistance has been given, the offending competitors and handlers will be warned.
Any further violation of this rule by the offending competitors or handlers will result in disqualification.

General Track Etiquette

All runners/walkers are entitled to run/walk in lane one.
Any faster runners/walkers will require to overtake in lane 2.
Any runners/walkers who wish to run/walk side by side must do so in lanes 4/5/6.

Medical Officers:

Race organisers will appoint a Medical Officer with professional credentials. This official will have the power to withdraw a competitor from the race if (in his professional judgement) the competitor is not fit to continue.

Leaving the event:

A competitor may leave the track under his own power during the competition. The competitor may return to the track under his own power. The lap recording supervisor must be informed on each occasion.
If the time spent off the course is judged to be needlessly excessive by the Referee then that competitor may be considered to have retired from the race.

Leaving the track:

To avoid confusion there be only be one point of exit/entry to a track (next to the lap recording area).
The competitor must rejoin the course at exactly the same point at which he left it.
It is not necessary for a competitor to be on the track at the end of the race.

Retiring from a race:

Competitors who withdraw from the race must inform a race official immediately.


Will be carried out by HUNRUN.COM TIMING, with chip to be attached on the shoe or ankle strap.
Live results will be posted on the internet.
Distance / Laps display will be located trackside.
Back-up recording by a double control sheet will be maintained, should this be required.
A display clock will be placed at the start line.

Race information:

Race boards showing race order and distance covered will be displayed and updated at frequent intervals.
Result sheet showing distances will be available, within a reasonable time following the race.

Distance measurement:

Measurement of any partial lap distances will be measured.
The lap distance is 400 metres.

End of race procedures:

A gun will be fired to mark the end of the race.
A warning whistle (or other signal) will be sounded one minute before the finish.
The exact finishing point of each competitor is the heel of the rear foot.


Competitors may be disqualified by the Referee for the following offences:

a) Deliberately impeding or obstructing the progress of a fellow competitor.
b) Allowing their handlers to break the rules for support and pacing.
c) Allowing themselves to pace or be paced after being warned by race officials,
d) Refusing to obey the instructions of a race official.
e) Conducting themselves in an unsporting manner.
f) Being offensive by action or language to officials, spectators or competitors,
g) Contravening IAAF doping rules.

Parking / Accommodation:

Parking available close to the track, for cars and motor homes, are available for all events.
Tents can be erected close to the track for all events.
Changing and sleeping facilities etc., available adjacent to the track for 6 DAY and 48 HOUR.
Changing, available adjacent to the track for 24 HOUR.

Drinks / Snacks:

Sports Drinks / Water / Snacks etc. available for all events.


Please note we will be providing vegetarian meals only.


Evening (approx 7pm) Breakfast (approx. 6 am), Lunch (approx. 1pm)


Evening (approx 7pm) Breakfast (approx. 6 am), Lunch (approx. 1pm)
Parking available close to the track, for cars and motor homes.


Evening (approx 7pm) Breakfast (approx. 6 am), Lunch (approx. 1pm)

Download the rules as a pdf.

Race Entry

To enter for an event please download the entry form.