British Ultra Fest 2013 – 35 Hour Updates

british ultra fest runners, kenji okiyama & demetrious KehayioglouThe sun has set and the stars have emerged here at Radley beneath clear skies. The wind has died down a lot after a breezy early evening that kept temperatures down.
After an unstable internet connection for the early part of the race, it seems to be maintaining a welcome steadiness now and we are very grateful for Hunrun for working hard to provide good service for the many visitors to the site. Tomorrow we will look at a messaging system.

The leaderboard shows some runners in blue. These are runners who haven’t passed the timing mat for 20 minutes or more.

Kenji Okiyama and Didier Sessegolo are taking breaks while William is still out there reducing their advantage. The level of lighting at the track is quite low and runners pass quietly and quickly past the aid station as they settle into their rhythms deep into the night. Finishing their shifts around 10 om, Veggies, the race vegetarian caterers have said that their may be a meteor shower tonight so the crew is watching the starry starry.

The race is short of massage therapists until tomorrow evening but so far so good with a wealth of experience on the track and amongst the crews and helpers.

Brave Kate Condon unfortunately had to pull out with ankle problems.
We’re grateful to Lucozade for supplying us with 2,500 bottles of Sports Elite drink who will keep the athletes fuelled along with a contribution from Allsorts who provided the runners with Enduro-load.

Quite a few people came by today to wish the runners well and we also had quite a few volunteers, or so it seemed. James Zarei has been at the track yesterday and today and a few local runners and interested parties.
The ladies race is also a closely knit affair with Christine David still edging Liz Bauer and Scotland’s Lorna Maclean in third spot.

The full live results are avaiable on the British Ultra Fest website at: